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Our New Single - Bowhead

released Aug 23rd

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We’re not quite ready to fully launch our community just yet and we’re looking for some more awesome pioneers to join, take a look around and give us some feedback on the site. Is that you? It’s completely free to sign up you just need an email address and you’re in. If you do sign up we’ll send you an awesome exclusive physical gift in the post, how cool is that? Want to find out more, keep reading!

Have your say…

Here at Boxtape HQ we don’t want to spam you or simply try to sell our music to you, we want to build a community and have everyone who enjoys our music involved in the process. So that’s why we’ve built a community forum (a bit like Facebook or Reddit) where you can get updates and news about Boxtape, as well as be a bit more interactive and have your say in polls and discussions. It's also a membership platform (like Patreon) but with a difference.

How is this different?

It's Free!

Current membership platforms for musicians such as Patreon are great and work for loads of artists, Youtubers, social figures etc. They build a community and provide artists with some regular income. However, for smaller artists and creatives who don't have an already fairly sizeable established audience, making a paid only membership work is pretty hard. Not only that, not everyone is in a position to support artists they like financially and we don't think they should be excluded! The difference with our site is that we want to bring everyone along with us. Every one of you who listens to our music & watches a video, shares a post or tells your friends about us are invaluable to us as a band. We want to be able to really build a community together which is why the base level of our community is free to everyone.



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Bowhead Digital Single

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*Super Limited Edition “Bowhead” A3 Art Print*

Beautiful heavy stock “Bowhead” art print, only one run of 10. Super Limited.


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Shipwreck Off The Coast Digital Single

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