What are we up to?


The Tree – An Experiment in Songwriting!

This week’s track is The Tree, a songwriting experiment! The cool thing about it is the acoustic guitar and lyrics were all improvised when I first wrote this track.

The fingerpicked guitar came about when I was noodling around after a set practice. Once I had the first part down I set up my phone, pressed record on the camera and sang over that guitar pattern for 6 minutes. I had no concept in mind, no general ideas just whatever came out of my mouth at that particular second.

After that initial recording, I transcribed all the sections/arrangement as well as the lyrics and we set to work on adding parts for Kieren and messing with the vocal melodies a little.

We decided to use it for our second Stripped Back Session as the sparseness really lends itself to that format. This song is great if you’re a fan of big builds and songs that don’t kick in properly till around the 3-minute mark.

This was a completely new way of writing a song for us, but we’re pretty happy with how it turned out, surprised even!


Our New Single – Every Little Piece

May we present our fourth single – Every Little Piece.

This is a big song for a number of reasons, firstly it’s Kieren’s favourite Boxtape track, secondly while it’s new to you, we’ve been harbouring this track and letting it grow for the last year until we were finally ready to record and release it, lastly we feel like we’ve stepped things up a little with this one in terms of production, harmonies, the video, soo many things, it’s quite exciting!

It’s a beautiful drifting piece about loss, change and not knowing where you are or what you’re doing.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this track and if you have any thoughts, feelings or comments about it, please do let us know!

The track will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and many more soon – keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information! The video was shot primarily in Arundel in the south of the UK, with some footage in Amberley near a lovely country pub πŸ™‚ The river you see is the Arun, and we rented a little motorboat to get the footage. Grabbed a tasty couple of burgers while we decided whether to brave piloting such a beast.


Win a Vibe-O-Verb Guitar Pedal!

To show our appreciation for you being a part Boxtape, we’re trying something new. We’re thinking of ways of sharing our vibe with more people, and reckon we have a common interest with you guys in cool effects pedals πŸ™‚ So here’s our first ever effects pedal review/giveaway!

You can enter the competition by going here: http://bit.do/boxtape-pedal-compo . You can get one entry for being subscribed on YouTube and more by sharing the competition with your friends using the option at that link.

Honestly we’re only small so you’ve got a pretty good chance of winning πŸ˜‰ The deadline is the end of Friday 13th October 2017 and we’ll announce on the following day.

This pedal, the Keeley Vibe-O-Verb is a modulated reverb – the wet reverb signal is subtly shifted around and you get a rich, creamy, deeply atmospheric effect. In the video we try it on clean, crunch and distorted electric guitar, and some acoustic for fun. We’re using a PRS Custom 22, Peavey Delta Blues valve amp (30w, 15″ speaker), SM58 mic and Riversong Guitar.

It’s a lovely pedal which fits well with our atmospheric soundscape approach. Good for building emotion on clean tones and filling out dreamy/indie chords!

Good luck!


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