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Cosplay Girl You Go - Lyric Video


We're so proud to present to you our latest music video and FIRST EVER LYRIC VIDEO "Cosplay Girl You Go!"


This track was inspired by a trip to Hyper Japan (a Japanese convention in the UK) last year, where I noticed one cosplayer with a lot of self-harm scars. I wanted to explore the subject in a thoughtful way and also portray my love for everything Japanese at the same time.

At Hyper Japan this year we met an artist by the name of HoshiCandy who told us about the Menhera movement which "focuses on corrupting kawaii - cuteness touched by sickness". It's about expressing your inner pain as physical manifestations on the characters.

The video was designed and made by these lovely people over at Witch And The Wolf, you should totally go and check them out -

We really hope you enjoy it!