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I'm off to university to study a Masters In Music @ Waterbear college Brighton!


Just as the title says, this autumn I'm going to start studying at Waterbear College Brighton for a Masters degree in Music Industry Innovation & Enterprise.

This video is a vlog to tell you more about the college, the course I'll be doing and my aims along with what it means for our channel.

A bit of info about WaterBear - Waterbear is a brand new college working with the University of Chichester to deliver BA and MA courses to musicians and creatives. It has been set up and supported by some great people including, Bruce John Dickinson, Rob Chapman, Mark Clayton of Pitchshifter & Frank Turner to name a few.

For full info check out their website -

I was fortunate enough to have been picked as part of the first years' students and having known about this for the last few months, it's exciting that it is finally here!

This is all part of building a bigger plan, thank you for supporting us this far and hopefully you'll be just as excited to see where we go from here!