Win a Vibe-O-Verb Guitar Pedal!

To show our appreciation for you being a part Boxtape, we’re trying something new. We’re thinking of ways of sharing our vibe with more people, and reckon we have a common interest with you guys in cool effects pedals 🙂 So here’s our first ever effects pedal review/giveaway!

You can enter the competition by going here: . You can get one entry for being subscribed on YouTube and more by sharing the competition with your friends using the option at that link.

Honestly we’re only small so you’ve got a pretty good chance of winning 😉 The deadline is the end of Friday 13th October 2017 and we’ll announce on the following day.

This pedal, the Keeley Vibe-O-Verb is a modulated reverb – the wet reverb signal is subtly shifted around and you get a rich, creamy, deeply atmospheric effect. In the video we try it on clean, crunch and distorted electric guitar, and some acoustic for fun. We’re using a PRS Custom 22, Peavey Delta Blues valve amp (30w, 15″ speaker), SM58 mic and Riversong Guitar.

It’s a lovely pedal which fits well with our atmospheric soundscape approach. Good for building emotion on clean tones and filling out dreamy/indie chords!

Good luck!