The Tree – An Experiment in Songwriting!

This week’s track is The Tree, a songwriting experiment! The cool thing about it is the acoustic guitar and lyrics were all improvised when I first wrote this track.

The fingerpicked guitar came about when I was noodling around after a set practice. Once I had the first part down I set up my phone, pressed record on the camera and sang over that guitar pattern for 6 minutes. I had no concept in mind, no general ideas just whatever came out of my mouth at that particular second.

After that initial recording, I transcribed all the sections/arrangement as well as the lyrics and we set to work on adding parts for Kieren and messing with the vocal melodies a little.

We decided to use it for our second Stripped Back Session as the sparseness really lends itself to that format. This song is great if you’re a fan of big builds and songs that don’t kick in properly till around the 3-minute mark.

This was a completely new way of writing a song for us, but we’re pretty happy with how it turned out, surprised even!