Season 1 is Finished!

Hi, everyone!

What’s all this about seasons? Well, we wanted to see how we can mix things up. So we’re taking some time to think about how things could be awesomer for you, put some new plans in place and have fun making music and videos moving forward. And, some TIPS! While we’re not superpowered YouTube experts, we wanted to take the opportunity to share a few things that we’ve learned that might be interesting or come in handy to anyone else trying the same thing! Because we love you!

You, dear friend, are a part of our inner circle. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video, and we hope you’ve enjoyed clicking around FB/YouTube a bit and watching some of our videos. There’s more to come – and if you want to help us out by telling us what you’ve enjoyed the most, please leave a comment.


Gaga For Million Reasons….

Hey Everyone,

How are you all doing? Here’s some music for you for your Friday night experience

We thought it was about time for another cover so this is our version of Lady Gaga’s Million Reasons, using only an electric guitar and a Cajon, we’re pretty happy with how this turned out!

Having only known this song for 6 days (we picked and started learning it on Sat evening) this has been a lot of intensive hard work, filming late at night and extended sessions of mixing/editing to get it done in under a week so we could bring it to you today

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Much love


Boxtips 002 – Beating Writer’s Block

Shock horror, no Friday video release this week due to us playing a gig last night, but here is this weeks offering ;D

Episode two of Boxtips brought to you by Kat, a look into her songwriting process, how she finds inspiration and beats writer’s block. A must see for lyricists and aspiring writers.

Got any tips, share them below! Let’s all help each other out

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If The Sea Was Made Of Milk

It’s Friday night so you know what that means… another Boxtape video coming your way

We present Mirrored Milk Sea, a song inspired by how the ocean looks in the moonlight. Glimmering, dramatic and mysterious. This is an instrumental track, no choruses or quick thrills here, just atmosphere, feeling and build ups, oh yes!

This is probably one of our favourite tracks to play live; we’ve worked hard to get some interesting dynamics into this one, and show off some of those creamy PRS/valve tones. Let us know what you think!

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There Is No Tomorrow…


Today we share with you some more insight into how we write songs, our recording process and a preview of a brand new track “The Greatest”. Bit of an odd one this, the whole track is about Kat’s love for Apollo Creed in a completely serious non jokey way, no joke!

If you’re interested in mixing and production this will be for you, or if you just want to hear some new music this will also be for you

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We Have A Trailer Now

We made a trailer for our Youtube channel, why should you watch it? Because it’ll make you laugh and features tiny snippets of upcoming footage. It reveals a few things we’ve been working on the last couple of months and hopefully gives you a better idea of where we are going with this video thing

See you all soon!


Summer Fire…. Is Here!

Wahey, it’s finished!! New track from us, a bit of an acoustic dance / Craig David vibe (ok maybe in one section slightly). Very upbeat, summery, makes-you-want-to-go-on-holiday feel to this one. Also features a delicious creamy guitar solo!

This was the first of a handful of new tracks (you haven’t heard yet) that we deliberately wrote in a standard “pop” structure to see what we could do with it.

Please, feast your eyes and ears on our latest creation – also check out the 3-word chorus – feel free to sing along   & let us know what you think.



Theremin You Say?

Hello everyone,

So we have quite a few new songs / projects on the go, with videos coming up soon. In the meantime for this week, is some behind-the-scenes inception. We had some fun composing background music for use in our behind-the-scenes videos, and wanted to share

With bips, bops and boops reminiscent of some of How It’s Made‘s finest tracks, and a super catchy synth melody near the end that will nibble your ear like a worm losing itself in a Granny Smith.

Without further ado, we present –


As always your comments are welcome and keep us warm at night.


Jonas Blue “Perfect Strangers”

You’ve seen the making of, now it’s time to reveal the full track! Our version of Perfect Strangers of course features no synths and no drums, but we hope you like our guitar based version of it anyway!

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Cheers guys,