Season 2 Is Go!

It’s a Bank Holiday Bonanza here as we’ve just launched Season Two of our Youtube series! Oh yeah ;D
Tune in to find out what’s new, what’s coming up and chill with us for the next 4 minutes.

It’s good to be back!


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Strategy Day


No video this week due to us having a little break and prepping for season 2! Thanks so much to everyone who has given us feedback so far, it’s been really helpful and interesting, if you do have any ideas there’s still time to send them our way.

This week we spent a whole day strategizing over every aspect of Boxtape, to see how we can improve things and just generally become better musicians and creators.

There are a few things we want to change but our core Youtube content will be staying the same and obviously, the music will still be awesome!

We did film a little rundown/preview of our ideas so we may release that soon. Some changes are ongoing, some immediate and some won’t be relevant for a while, but we’re working on the immediate stuff immediately  so we can bring you season 2 ASAP.

Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you soon!