Fancy Objects In A Fancy Studio

So we’ve been super secret about this (unless you’ve been following our Twitter) but last weekend we were in the studio recording our first single. Boom!

Excited, yes, sounding awesome, yes.

We spent Saturday / Sunday at a delightful little studio in Brighton called Small Pond. Tracking guitars, vocals and working on the arrangement, as well as the fun stuff of mixing and playing around with silly gear; plus adding the all important fairy sparkle.

Huge thanks to George Mckenzie for engineering / producing it, I think it surpassed both our expectations of what it could become.

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Delta Blues, Pink, Orange………..

Now it’s starting to get close to our first ever gig – Beats From The Bedsit¬†we’re really pushing to get our live sound up to scratch. For Kieren this means tinkering, most notably taking his old Delta Blues amp apart and giving it a bloody good clean; new valves are going in and possibly the adding of a master volume switch too.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Delta Blues looks like when you take it apart, here it is –


Aside from all that we’ve been taking stock of which tracks we have / don’t have demos of, so we can start getting them finished and start recording properly, woo!

Until next time.