The Greatest

This one has been a long time in the making and we’re really proud to finally share it with you. Here it is – The Greatest!

It’s the first track we’ve recorded and produced with a “studio” approach, and the first non-live video we’ve put together ourselves. A new challenge and we are really happy with the feel of it!

The song is an alternative pop track about Apollo Creed – and Kat’s love for him. It has an interesting structure, and you can check out the behind-the-scenes “making of” video on our YouTube channel (

You can also download the track in super high-quality for free at

Thanks for your support guys – hope you enjoy! Feel free to share it around!

Have a great weekend and catch you soon – BT x

Summer Fire…. Is Here!

Wahey, it’s finished!! New track from us, a bit of an acoustic dance / Craig David vibe (ok maybe in one section slightly). Very upbeat, summery, makes-you-want-to-go-on-holiday feel to this one. Also features a delicious creamy guitar solo!

This was the first of a handful of new tracks (you haven’t heard yet) that we deliberately wrote in a standard “pop” structure to see what we could do with it.

Please, feast your eyes and ears on our latest creation – also check out the 3-word chorus – feel free to sing along ย  & let us know what you think.



Wouldn’t Want To Be

New performance video and our first upload of 2017

This is our track “Wouldn’t Want To Be” and it is actually the first track we ever wrote as Boxtape. We’re still now working on / defining our style, trying to get our heads around meshing riffy distorted guitar with folky acoustic.

This is where it all started and actually we don’t think it holds up too badly. What do you reckon?

We really hope you enjoy it!


P.S look out for the fancy new camera angle

Fancy Objects Official Video

Firstly – yes those are cats, more cats.

Secondly – OMFG our official video for Fancy Objects is here! We’re so pleased with how this turned out Incline Creative Media did a proper fancy ๐Ÿ˜€ job on it.

We’re going to be pushing this video as much as we can and we’d really like your help! Please consider sharing it on fb, in a group, or with your friends, thank you!

Shout out to The Old Bakehouse Antique Centre for literally saving our shoot 12 hours before we were due to film, as well as letting us spend the day trying not to break anything. You guys rule!

We really hope you enjoy this offering.

Much love


Cats + Trees

Guys have we got a surprise for you! On a whim we decided to write/record/film a Christmas song…… We goofily present Cats+Trees, not at all to be taken seriously but we hope it gets you in the festive mood ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve had a blast over the last 2 weeks putting this together and we really hope you enjoy it! As always if you love it/hate it or have any feedback please email us @ it really helps us to know what you think.


Fancy Objects Is Released

Today is the day everybody, Fancy Objects is released!! Woohoo!

You’ll find it on Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, and every other place. We’ve also set up a Bandcamp where you can stream the song and support us if you wish

If you like the track please consider downloading it from whichever provider you prefer, it really helps us out.

Thank you for all your support thus far, it’s really cool to have you on board. If you have any thoughts / feedback about the song please get in touch via, we’d love to know what you like / don’t like so we can start planning the next one.

Much Love,


P.S something related arrived in our inbox last night and boy was it fabulous, we absolutely cannot wait to share this with you…..

Heck we’ve done another video!

The first of (hopefully) many for our first YouTube series. This time it’s of our new track “Power Of The Page”, a rather thoughtful piece about how sometimes knowledge can be perceived as a bad thing. If you like moody, reverb drenched brooding music check it out! Also if you like cats, then definitely check it out

Please share around, comment, tell us what you think, it all really helps.

Thank you x


Autumn Live Dates

This autumn are you looking to drink craft cider while sitting in a cosy rustic pub / bar while listening to some fantastic acoustic music?

Then you’re in luck as we’ve just updated our pageย with a healthy amount of gigs for the Autumn season, all taking place in establishments just like that!

You can find a very brief rundown below –

Oct 30th – The Brunswick, Brighton
Nov 11th – The Anchor, Maidenhead
Nov 27th – The Anchor Hotel, Horsham
Dec 3rd – Maxims Bar, Eastbourne
Dec 17th – The Shelley Arms, Horsham

Most of these are free entry and we’ll be giving out free stickers and chats at every show ๐Ÿ™‚

We’d love to see you.


All Things Purring

Yesterday we had our first big boy practice at QM studios, and boy was it fun! It’s a little studio in our home town that we’ve been going to for years, but we haven’t been back for a while. It was really helpful to start playing these songs loud and start finalizing effects / sounds and dynamics! As well as running through all the tracks we have (getting them gig ready) we started work on a new shiny idea.

Yes, we know all our songs are “new” to you as we haven’t released anything yet, but this is the first of the “second batch” if you like. We recorded a little sneak preview clip above!

Speaking of releasing things, we’ve been having a few discussions and would like to get a solid track out into the world relatively soon. A loose plan is to get some rough demos down, pick the track we think works best a single, then find a nice studio to record it in.

But for now, enjoy!



Are an acoustic post rock duo from Horsham, Sussex. Consisting of Kat Ward on acoustic guitar / vocals and Kieren Johnstone on electric guitar. They are currently writing the first batch of Boxtape songs for an EP and for performing live at open mics, gigs, and your favourite post rock lovers birthday party.

Intrigued? Wan’t to find out more? Want to book us for your bookshop opening? Email:

Music and/or videos coming soon!