Our New Single – Every Little Piece

May we present our fourth single – Every Little Piece.

This is a big song for a number of reasons, firstly it’s Kieren’s favourite Boxtape track, secondly while it’s new to you, we’ve been harbouring this track and letting it grow for the last year until we were finally ready to record and release it, lastly we feel like we’ve stepped things up a little with this one in terms of production, harmonies, the video, soo many things, it’s quite exciting!

It’s a beautiful drifting piece about loss, change and not knowing where you are or what you’re doing.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this track and if you have any thoughts, feelings or comments about it, please do let us know!

The track will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and many more soon – keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information! The video was shot primarily in Arundel in the south of the UK, with some footage in Amberley near a lovely country pub 🙂 The river you see is the Arun, and we rented a little motorboat to get the footage. Grabbed a tasty couple of burgers while we decided whether to brave piloting such a beast.


This Is How We Stop The War

There’s so much to say about this from soo many different perspectives but let’s start with number one!

1. Kieren was gifted a two-stringed cigar box guitar, and knew straight away we were going to make some kind of track with it. This is that track! Percussion, bass and lead lines all from this box.

2. Apparently, we wrote a protest song, which wasn’t the intention when we started jamming with it, but you know.. these things happen.

3. It turned into some weird orchestral production behemoth where adding reversed, reverbed trumpets seemed like the only logical option.

4. Originally this was called “This Is How The War Starts” and that got turned around into something more positive by two people – Amanda Palmer and Damian Keyes – Musician & Band Advice. We started this track around the time Trump got elected and social media was having a meltdown, I remember seeing a post from AP about “this being the time to make positive art” and I kind of took that to heart. On the same day DK posted a video about Trump and it reflecting badly on bands social media pages and I decided then this was going to be a positive song.

5. We wanted to make something awesome with this in both the audio and visual spectra and we hope we have done that. Soo many hours this week have been poured into this piece so we really hope you like it!

If you could see your way to sharing, commenting, sending this to friends that would be awesome of you, and as always the obligatory plug of our YouTube – http://youtube.com/boxtaperocksyou if you wanted to subscribe.

(Video filmed at Devil’s Dyke, Brighton. Recording, editing, production, and everything video-y by Boxtape with some help from Sarah-Kye Faulkner)

Thanks guys,


We were Inclined ;) to make a music video

Amidst all our recent busyness we’ve only gone and filmed our first proper music video  If you’ve been following our instagram (@boxtapeband) you would’ve seen a few things on our feed recently. Music video for what you say? For our upcoming single “Fancy Objects” of course!

We filmed the entire thing in Northampton at The Old Bakehouse Antique Centre with Incline Creative Media, both of which were just awesome people to work with. Swanky video for Fancy Objects will be here soon!

We’re not going to say anything about it other than this quote ” Could you caress the stegosaurus for me please” Adam (Incline Media) 2016

Please enjoy the teaser video.

Much love