24 Hour Linen Shop

Hello everyone,

We set up the camera last weekend and got this track down for a live performance. We’re treating this as our Season 1 Finale (more to come about that) and would love for you to have a listen!

This track is an acoustic grungey earworm, an original by us and inspired by a haberdashery shop we walked past that was open late. We really loved putting the production together for this one, especially that epic chorus with the harmonies!

We’re now up to 30+ videos over on our channel http://youtube.com/boxtaperocksyou so if you’re not subscribed please head over there to find more 

Thank you for your support


Ukuleles Rule The World

Good Evening,

Unfortunately, we’ve limited time this week due to working on our entry for Andrew Huang’s competition. We pushed the “EPIC” button on that track and even with a week left it is going to be tight!

So, inspired by seeing Amanda Palmer live last week we decided to do a cover of one of our favourite songs of hers, Ukulele Anthem. This is purely just a bit of fun and hopefully, will brighten up your evening/day/mood/life

If you don’t know who AP is google her now, you will not be disappointed!

Much love



Just look at this beautiful poster! We’re stoked to be playing the main stage of Bevfest, it’s gonna be awesome

If you’re anywhere near Brighton on the 8th of July you’d be silly to miss this. Music, food, stalls, sunshine (hopefully) and your two favourite guitarists ;D


Dart Music Fest Rocked!

So last weekend we performed at Dart Music Festival which kicked off our summer run of gigs! As is customary for us now, we filmed it! We’ve put together a vlog about the whole experience, including some live footage from our set, some awesome bands we found and some beautiful scenery!

Shoutout to Windslide, ANTIMATADOR & The Royal Castle Hotel who all make cameos.

When we’re not making videos, this is what we do.. so we can make videos about it