Jonas Blue “Perfect Strangers”

You’ve seen the making of, now it’s time to reveal the full track! Our version of Perfect Strangers of course features no synths and no drums, but we hope you like our guitar based version of it anyway!

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Behind The Blue

This is our first attempt at some behind the scenes documentary type video. It’s for our next upcoming vid which is a cover of Jonas Blue’s “Perfect Strangers”.

It would be cool to know what you think about it, whether you like it, if you find it interesting? Please put it all in the comments. It includes things such as tea drinking, Pro Tools time-lapse’s and mouth percussion.

Bonus information – we actually wrote the background music for this yesterday evening as finding royalty free music for this vid was boring us to tears. Of course we filmed it all, so there might actually be a behind the scenes of a behind the scenes video coming as well

We hope you enjoy it!