Red Roarsome

Massive thanks to everyone at Red Roar Festival last night we had an awesome time! To everyone who signed up to our mailing list / said nice things to us, you’re magnificent x

Kudos to Interstellar Noise Drive, Teal & Fern for making the perfect quirky BBQ outside stage come to life.

Finally special thanks also to Abigail who was running the stage, sorting bands and doing sound, it was a pleasure to work with you 🙂

Let’s do it all again soon yeah?


P.s why does Gravesend smell overwhelmingly of onions? If anyone could answer that we’d be grateful!

We’re playing Red Roar Festival!

We’re delighted to announce we’re playing this mammoth event Red Roar festival on Sept 6th in Gravesend. It runs for two weeks spanning every genre you could think of and our night is appropriately called “Top Time Tuesday”. It’s for fans of indie noise, lofi acoustic and a bit more of a chilled atmosphere.

Full list of bands here – Adrian Hopkins, Boxtape, Diesel Drums, Dul Fin Wah, Facade, Fern, Glass Houses, Ink Siblings, Interstellar Noise Drive, Kinky Downs, Mitch Emery, No Limit Street Band, Port Royal, Shadow of Doubt, South At Zero, Stereo Drones, Swampstomper, Sweet Revenge, Teal, The Drainz

Tickets are just £4 for 20? bands, and you can buy them here – you can also grab them direct from us for a little cheaper so please email us at and we will send them out to you 🙂

We’ve a new song finished too, so expect to hear that in our set!