Oh The Weekend Of A Band

This weekend has been pretty busy for us, Saturday we filmed a new music video on top of Devil’s Dyke which was beyond beautiful! We got so lucky with the sunset, the mist, the colours, honestly, some of the footage we have is just gorgeous.

Sunday we played a gig at The Cowley in Brighton for Paul Stapleton as part of a folk/punk weekender and it was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon. It was like playing a gig in your friends living room, completely chilled, intimate and we met some awesome peeps!

Thanks to Paul for putting us on, and thanks to Sarah-Kye Faulkner for the behind the scenes photos, roadie duties, additional cameraman and general band helper outer, you’re awesome

See you guys soon,


We’ve got gigs!

We’ve had a couple of months off gigging but we’re going to have a busy summer!

New updated flyer and full list of current dates below

28/4 – The New Moon, Crawley
12/5 – Dart Music Festival, Dartmouth
13/5 – Dart Music Festival, Dartmouth
23/5 – Maxims, Eastbourne
28/5 – Cowley Club, Brighton
09/6 – Hope & Ruin, Brighton
08/7 – Bevfest, Brighton
21-28/7 – AEFES Festival, Bodium
23/9 – Sounds 4 Hounds Festival, Chatham

If you live anywhere near these events we’d love to see you. We’re going to be debuting a lot of new songs (especially at Dart) so it would be great to have you there!


Bear, Brytz and Boxtape

Better late than never but we just wanted to say a big thank you to Overhead Wires Music, Andy Voakes, Sam the sound man, Bear Bozeman, Romarni Brytz and everyone who was at The Brunswick last night. We had an awesome time playing for you and we really hope you enjoyed our set!

We’ll be back down in Brighton in a few weeks time, but firstly we’re off to Maidenhead!

Check out some pics below 🙂



Autumn Live Dates

This autumn are you looking to drink craft cider while sitting in a cosy rustic pub / bar while listening to some fantastic acoustic music?

Then you’re in luck as we’ve just updated our page with a healthy amount of gigs for the Autumn season, all taking place in establishments just like that!

You can find a very brief rundown below –

Oct 30th – The Brunswick, Brighton
Nov 11th – The Anchor, Maidenhead
Nov 27th – The Anchor Hotel, Horsham
Dec 3rd – Maxims Bar, Eastbourne
Dec 17th – The Shelley Arms, Horsham

Most of these are free entry and we’ll be giving out free stickers and chats at every show 🙂

We’d love to see you.


Red Roarsome

Massive thanks to everyone at Red Roar Festival last night we had an awesome time! To everyone who signed up to our mailing list / said nice things to us, you’re magnificent x

Kudos to Interstellar Noise Drive, Teal & Fern for making the perfect quirky BBQ outside stage come to life.

Finally special thanks also to Abigail who was running the stage, sorting bands and doing sound, it was a pleasure to work with you 🙂

Let’s do it all again soon yeah?


P.s why does Gravesend smell overwhelmingly of onions? If anyone could answer that we’d be grateful!

We’re playing Red Roar Festival!

We’re delighted to announce we’re playing this mammoth event Red Roar festival on Sept 6th in Gravesend. It runs for two weeks spanning every genre you could think of and our night is appropriately called “Top Time Tuesday”. It’s for fans of indie noise, lofi acoustic and a bit more of a chilled atmosphere.

Full list of bands here – Adrian Hopkins, Boxtape, Diesel Drums, Dul Fin Wah, Facade, Fern, Glass Houses, Ink Siblings, Interstellar Noise Drive, Kinky Downs, Mitch Emery, No Limit Street Band, Port Royal, Shadow of Doubt, South At Zero, Stereo Drones, Swampstomper, Sweet Revenge, Teal, The Drainz

Tickets are just £4 for 20? bands, and you can buy them here – https://www.wegottickets.com/redroarfestival you can also grab them direct from us for a little cheaper so please email us at info@boxtape.rocks and we will send them out to you 🙂

We’ve a new song finished too, so expect to hear that in our set!


Beats From The Bedsit Pics

Our fancy photographer Simon Brice came through for us and delivered some excellent pics from Beats From The Bedsit! We’re really pleased with how these came out, we hope you like them too!

We Survived Our First (& Second) Gig.

It’s the morning after the night before (well a couple of mornings actually) and we had a blast at Beats From The Bedsit! Thanks go out to The Greys Pub and Paul Stapleton for putting on an excellent event. We felt that it went pretty well, so much so in fact we played TWICE due to a band dropping out.

Also thanks to everyone who said nice words and cheered after our songs, as well as the guys who signed up to the mailing list, cheers!

We had a fancy photographer (Simon Brice) document the event, so expect some sexy photos of us and guitars very soon!


It’s Here!!!!

Yep just two days away now from our first gig! *Beats From The Bedsit* Emotions are running from uncontrollable excitement to “we should just give up music right now” in the Boxtape camp, and that’s ok!

Being only two days away means we’re pretty much primed to go, including Kieren putting his amp back together. The Delta Blues has been cleaned, new valves put in and a master volume added to the circuit, check out the mod and the sexy red knob below 😀

Delta Blue Mod

Prepare to have your faces washed with glorious warm waves of soothing distortion. 3pm, The Greys Pub, Brighton, Sunday 12th June.

Boxtape Begins.


Delta Blues, Pink, Orange………..

Now it’s starting to get close to our first ever gig – Beats From The Bedsit we’re really pushing to get our live sound up to scratch. For Kieren this means tinkering, most notably taking his old Delta Blues amp apart and giving it a bloody good clean; new valves are going in and possibly the adding of a master volume switch too.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Delta Blues looks like when you take it apart, here it is –


Aside from all that we’ve been taking stock of which tracks we have / don’t have demos of, so we can start getting them finished and start recording properly, woo!

Until next time.