Boxtape + Dubstep = Awesome!

Something a little different but also a bit special to present to you now, our first collaboration!

Shortly after we released Fancy Objects in December, a producer (who Kat met at a networking night) got in contact and really wanted to make a remix of the track, so we said hell yeah!

Go give @avarionuk some love if you’re into electronic music, what he has done with Fancy Objects is very cool, slightly ridiculous, but very cool all the same.

We really like it and there are vague plans to shoot a music video for this at some point, but for now please enjoy Fancy Objects / Fancy Talk by Boxtape & Avarion


Fancy Objects Official Video

Firstly – yes those are cats, more cats.

Secondly – OMFG our official video for Fancy Objects is here! We’re so pleased with how this turned out Incline Creative Media did a proper fancy 😀 job on it.

We’re going to be pushing this video as much as we can and we’d really like your help! Please consider sharing it on fb, in a group, or with your friends, thank you!

Shout out to The Old Bakehouse Antique Centre for literally saving our shoot 12 hours before we were due to film, as well as letting us spend the day trying not to break anything. You guys rule!

We really hope you enjoy this offering.

Much love


Fancy Objects Is Released

Today is the day everybody, Fancy Objects is released!! Woohoo!

You’ll find it on Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, and every other place. We’ve also set up a Bandcamp where you can stream the song and support us if you wish

If you like the track please consider downloading it from whichever provider you prefer, it really helps us out.

Thank you for all your support thus far, it’s really cool to have you on board. If you have any thoughts / feedback about the song please get in touch via, we’d love to know what you like / don’t like so we can start planning the next one.

Much Love,


P.S something related arrived in our inbox last night and boy was it fabulous, we absolutely cannot wait to share this with you…..

We were Inclined ;) to make a music video

Amidst all our recent busyness we’ve only gone and filmed our first proper music video  If you’ve been following our instagram (@boxtapeband) you would’ve seen a few things on our feed recently. Music video for what you say? For our upcoming single “Fancy Objects” of course!

We filmed the entire thing in Northampton at The Old Bakehouse Antique Centre with Incline Creative Media, both of which were just awesome people to work with. Swanky video for Fancy Objects will be here soon!

We’re not going to say anything about it other than this quote ” Could you caress the stegosaurus for me please” Adam (Incline Media) 2016

Please enjoy the teaser video.

Much love


Fancy Objects In A Fancy Studio

So we’ve been super secret about this (unless you’ve been following our Twitter) but last weekend we were in the studio recording our first single. Boom!

Excited, yes, sounding awesome, yes.

We spent Saturday / Sunday at a delightful little studio in Brighton called Small Pond. Tracking guitars, vocals and working on the arrangement, as well as the fun stuff of mixing and playing around with silly gear; plus adding the all important fairy sparkle.

Huge thanks to George Mckenzie for engineering / producing it, I think it surpassed both our expectations of what it could become.

If you’re on our mailing list, Good news! You’ll be getting ‘Fancy Objects’ for free before release date (which is still tbc) if you’re not, what are you waiting for? SIGN UP HERE