Beats From The Bedsit Pics

Our fancy photographer Simon Brice came through for us and delivered some excellent pics from Beats From The Bedsit! We’re really pleased with how these came out, we hope you like them too!

We Survived Our First (& Second) Gig.

It’s the morning after the night before (well a couple of mornings actually) and we had a blast at Beats From The Bedsit! Thanks go out to The Greys Pub and Paul Stapleton for putting on an excellent event. We felt that it went pretty well, so much so in fact we played TWICE due to a band dropping out.

Also thanks to everyone who said nice words and cheered after our songs, as well as the guys who signed up to the mailing list, cheers!

We had a fancy photographer (Simon Brice) document the event, so expect some sexy photos of us and guitars very soon!


It’s Here!!!!

Yep just two days away now from our first gig! *Beats From The Bedsit* Emotions are running from uncontrollable excitement to “we should just give up music right now” in the Boxtape camp, and that’s ok!

Being only two days away means we’re pretty much primed to go, including Kieren putting his amp back together. The Delta Blues has been cleaned, new valves put in and a master volume added to the circuit, check out the mod and the sexy red knob below 😀

Delta Blue Mod

Prepare to have your faces washed with glorious warm waves of soothing distortion. 3pm, The Greys Pub, Brighton, Sunday 12th June.

Boxtape Begins.


Our First Gig + Upcoming Photo Shoot

We are still alive, yes, and as proof of this we have booked our first ever Boxtape gig! We will be playing at The Greys in Brighton on June 12, as part of a three day Anarcho Punk Folk Acoustic Festival. There are some class acts on the bill already, with more to be confirmed. Full details when we get them.

Aside from the gig we’ve also organised a photo shoot for us two Boxtapians, due to be happening this weekend in our hometown of Horsham. Expect boxes, brick walls, beaten up vans and anything else beginning with B we can think of.

Until next time.