AEFES Festival

Well, what can we say, thank you so much to AEFES Home Education Festival for having us last night! Totally DIY but incredibly friendly fest, highlights included the free food and drink, fire-eaters, watching the sunset in a beautiful location and the very appreciative and engaged audience.

The definite high point was when we were choosing our last song and we gave the audience a choice of an original, a cover, or the box (Cajon). Without hesitation, the whole audience shouted at us “the box” or “the mystery box” which was hilarious.

Thank you to everyone who came up at the end to say nice things, bought merch and took stickers, you are awesome!


We’ve got gigs!

We’ve had a couple of months off gigging but we’re going to have a busy summer!

New updated flyer and full list of current dates below

28/4 – The New Moon, Crawley
12/5 – Dart Music Festival, Dartmouth
13/5 – Dart Music Festival, Dartmouth
23/5 – Maxims, Eastbourne
28/5 – Cowley Club, Brighton
09/6 – Hope & Ruin, Brighton
08/7 – Bevfest, Brighton
21-28/7 – AEFES Festival, Bodium
23/9 – Sounds 4 Hounds Festival, Chatham

If you live anywhere near these events we’d love to see you. We’re going to be debuting a lot of new songs (especially at Dart) so it would be great to have you there!