Oh The Weekend Of A Band

This weekend has been pretty busy for us, Saturday we filmed a new music video on top of Devil’s Dyke which was beyond beautiful! We got so lucky with the sunset, the mist, the colours, honestly, some of the footage we have is just gorgeous.

Sunday we played a gig at The Cowley in Brighton for Paul Stapleton as part of a folk/punk weekender and it was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon. It was like playing a gig in your friends living room, completely chilled, intimate and we met some awesome peeps!

Thanks to Paul for putting us on, and thanks to Sarah-Kye Faulkner for the behind the scenes photos, roadie duties, additional cameraman and general band helper outer, you’re awesome

See you guys soon,


Songwriting With A Cigar Box Guitar

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been experimenting with this beautiful cigar box guitar, loops, synths and cajons to craft something special. It’s SO nearly there now, we wanted to share this mini-documentary behind the scenes of the writing/composition/production process. ENJOY!

Dart Music Fest Rocked!

So last weekend we performed at Dart Music Festival which kicked off our summer run of gigs! As is customary for us now, we filmed it! We’ve put together a vlog about the whole experience, including some live footage from our set, some awesome bands we found and some beautiful scenery!

Shoutout to Windslide, ANTIMATADOR & The Royal Castle Hotel who all make cameos.

When we’re not making videos, this is what we do.. so we can make videos about it


There Is No Tomorrow…


Today we share with you some more insight into how we write songs, our recording process and a preview of a brand new track “The Greatest”. Bit of an odd one this, the whole track is about Kat’s love for Apollo Creed in a completely serious non jokey way, no joke!

If you’re interested in mixing and production this will be for you, or if you just want to hear some new music this will also be for you

We’ll be sending the finished track out to our mailing list very soon, so please sign up if you aren’t already and you like what you hear – http://bit.ly/2mSXPS0

We have many other vids for your viewing pleasure at https://youtube.com/BoxtapeRocksYou – and loads more to come. If you like this, please consider subscribing.

As always we love to know what you think, so pose us a question?


Theremin You Say?

Hello everyone,

So we have quite a few new songs / projects on the go, with videos coming up soon. In the meantime for this week, is some behind-the-scenes inception. We had some fun composing background music for use in our behind-the-scenes videos, and wanted to share

With bips, bops and boops reminiscent of some of How It’s Made‘s finest tracks, and a super catchy synth melody near the end that will nibble your ear like a worm losing itself in a Granny Smith.

Without further ado, we present –


As always your comments are welcome and keep us warm at night.


Behind The Blue

This is our first attempt at some behind the scenes documentary type video. It’s for our next upcoming vid which is a cover of Jonas Blue’s “Perfect Strangers”.

It would be cool to know what you think about it, whether you like it, if you find it interesting? Please put it all in the comments. It includes things such as tea drinking, Pro Tools time-lapse’s and mouth percussion.

Bonus information – we actually wrote the background music for this yesterday evening as finding royalty free music for this vid was boring us to tears. Of course we filmed it all, so there might actually be a behind the scenes of a behind the scenes video coming as well

We hope you enjoy it!