Carl Weathers is The Greatest!

The Apollo obsession continues! Now for a story….

A couple of days ago I scoured Facebook to find a Carl Weathers page or Apollo Creed group or something official that I could send “The Greatest” to. I didn’t really turn up much, just a couple of defunct pages

So I decided to try Twitter and found that Mr Carl Weathers not only had a profile but was also very active on it too.

Mainly I just wanted him to see the video, even if he ignored it I just wanted there to be a chance that he had seen it. This morning I tweeted him the video for The Greatest…

He was very lovely and not only replied to our tweet but also re-tweeted the video on his page!

We’re taking this as official that Boxtape is now endorsed by Apollo Creed; that statement is awesome!

Today has been a good day!


There Is No Tomorrow…


Today we share with you some more insight into how we write songs, our recording process and a preview of a brand new track “The Greatest”. Bit of an odd one this, the whole track is about Kat’s love for Apollo Creed in a completely serious non jokey way, no joke!

If you’re interested in mixing and production this will be for you, or if you just want to hear some new music this will also be for you

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