Songwriting With A Cigar Box Guitar

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been experimenting with this beautiful cigar box guitar, loops, synths and cajons to craft something special. It’s SO nearly there now, we wanted to share this mini-documentary behind the scenes of the writing/composition/production process. ENJOY!

There Is No Tomorrow…


Today we share with you some more insight into how we write songs, our recording process and a preview of a brand new track “The Greatest”. Bit of an odd one this, the whole track is about Kat’s love for Apollo Creed in a completely serious non jokey way, no joke!

If you’re interested in mixing and production this will be for you, or if you just want to hear some new music this will also be for you

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Theremin You Say?

Hello everyone,

So we have quite a few new songs / projects on the go, with videos coming up soon. In the meantime for this week, is some behind-the-scenes inception. We had some fun composing background music for use in our behind-the-scenes videos, and wanted to share

With bips, bops and boops reminiscent of some of How It’s Made‘s finest tracks, and a super catchy synth melody near the end that will nibble your ear like a worm losing itself in a Granny Smith.

Without further ado, we present –


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All Things Purring

Yesterday we had our first big boy practice at QM studios, and boy was it fun! It’s a little studio in our home town that we’ve been going to for years, but we haven’t been back for a while. It was really helpful to start playing these songs loud and start finalizing effects / sounds and dynamics! As well as running through all the tracks we have (getting them gig ready) we started work on a new shiny idea.

Yes, we know all our songs are “new” to you as we haven’t released anything yet, but this is the first of the “second batch” if you like. We recorded a little sneak preview clip above!

Speaking of releasing things, we’ve been having a few discussions and would like to get a solid track out into the world relatively soon. A loose plan is to get some rough demos down, pick the track we think works best a single, then find a nice studio to record it in.

But for now, enjoy!


Writing has stopped momentarily

As we have mostly finished creating the first 5 Boxtape tracks; some instrumental, some with vocals, but all interesting. We are at the tweaking / listening / practising stage, once up to par we intend to unleash a couple of these tracks through the medium of video, huzzah!