We Made A Playlist!

Are you on Spotify? Chances are you might be, chances are if you like our music you might love this playlist….

New bands, old bands, bands as big as your head! Lots of big Indie Folk names as well as undiscovered gems and of course a couple of Boxtape tracks. This is the starter pack, more tracks to be added as and when ūüôā


Salute Music Competition

So while we may not be putting out videos currently, we are still working very hard behind the scenes. New music, new videos, branding, imagery all sorts of things happening!

Alongside this, we’ve entered the Salute Music songwriting competition, ¬£50,000 is up for grabs. It launches today for the listening phase, here’s the website if you wanted to check it out –¬†https://salutemusic.uk/

More details to come when we know exactly how it works and how to potentially win ;D


Carl Weathers is The Greatest!

The Apollo obsession continues! Now for a story….

A couple of days ago I scoured Facebook to find a Carl Weathers page or Apollo Creed group or something official that I could send “The Greatest” to. I didn’t really turn up much, just a couple of defunct pages

So I decided to try Twitter and found that Mr Carl Weathers not only had a profile but was also very active on it too.

Mainly I just wanted him to see the video, even if he ignored it I just wanted there to be a chance that he had seen it. This morning I tweeted him the video for The Greatest…

He was very lovely and not only replied to our tweet but also re-tweeted the video on his page!

We’re taking this as official that Boxtape is now endorsed by Apollo Creed; that statement is awesome!

Today has been a good day!


Boxtape’s Christmas List

Our first ever end of year list, no albums here just awesome people  

Thank you so much for your support, have a great holiday season and we’ll see you very soon.


Studio performance video – Boxtape V

We’re on to a streak of 2! ¬†This track (Boxtape V) is an energetic guitar jam that will warm¬†your cockles as the inevitable chills of British winter approach. ¬†Bouncy, slidey, stabby and ultimately satisfying – it was a fun one to put together and play. ¬†Check it out.

If you do like it, it helps us loads if you subscribe to the channel, like the video or leave a comment Рthe gods of YouTube take it all into account when suggesting videos to the great unboxed.

Thank you x


Delta Blues, Pink, Orange………..

Now it’s starting to get close to our first ever gig – Beats From The Bedsit¬†we’re really pushing to get our live sound up to scratch. For Kieren this means tinkering, most notably taking his old Delta Blues amp apart and giving it a bloody good clean; new valves are going in and possibly the adding of a master volume switch too.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Delta Blues looks like when you take it apart, here it is –


Aside from all that we’ve been taking stock of which tracks we have / don’t have demos of, so we can start getting them finished and start recording properly, woo!

Until next time.