24 Hour Linen Shop

Hello everyone,

We set up the camera last weekend and got this track down for a live performance. We’re treating this as our Season 1 Finale (more to come about that) and would love for you to have a listen!

This track is an acoustic grungey earworm, an original by us and inspired by a haberdashery shop we walked past that was open late. We really loved putting the production together for this one, especially that epic chorus with the harmonies!

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Andrew Huang Competition Entry

Evening all! .. AAH it’s finally done! 3 weeks in the making!

This is our entry for Andrew Huang’s cover competition which was sponsored by Yousician. It’s the secret project we’ve been working on for the last few weeks, and boy have we worked on it! Very excited to share it – it’s been a lot of work and is entirely unlike anything we’ve done before as Boxtape. Our first track with *piano*, our first track with *drums*, or with *synth bass*! If there’s a challenge, you better believe we’ll rise to it.

The song we chose to cover is called All Those Love Songs, They Were All True. The journey for this track started on Ukelele, and after some serious pondering progressed to the piano with an acoustic guitar. Then we got excited, things got out of hand, and the second half of the track came together

New stuff we’ve now done by taking this challenge – getting under the skin of some fancier chords; writing and recording drum patterns on a keyboard; some fancy vocal effect ideas; a 3-part harmony (K’s still improving and learning to sing!); learning more about multi-band compression and probably collecting and sifting through more video footage than we’ve recorded for any past video. Totally worth it!

If we were lucky enough to succeed in the competition, we’d like to do a new version of the track/video, bigger and better, with a certain OP-1 placeholder replaced with the real deal.

If you are reading this and are not Andrew Huang, you should really, really check out his channel, subscribe, sit down for a few hours and see what you’re missing. – https://www.youtube.com/user/songstowearpantsto

Original arrangement and lyrics by Andrew Huang – everything else entirely written, recorded, mixed edited and produced by us. Boxtape is filmed in front of a live studio cat.

Check out Andrew’s competition video here – https://youtu.be/nXfc6jy53-o
The original track can be found here – https://youtu.be/VTaU_3aqQ6g

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Have a great weekend.


Ukuleles Rule The World

Good Evening,

Unfortunately, we’ve limited time this week due to working on our entry for Andrew Huang’s competition. We pushed the “EPIC” button on that track and even with a week left it is going to be tight!

So, inspired by seeing Amanda Palmer live last week we decided to do a cover of one of our favourite songs of hers, Ukulele Anthem. This is purely just a bit of fun and hopefully, will brighten up your evening/day/mood/life

If you don’t know who AP is google her now, you will not be disappointed!

Much love



Just look at this beautiful poster! We’re stoked to be playing the main stage of Bevfest, it’s gonna be awesome

If you’re anywhere near Brighton on the 8th of July you’d be silly to miss this. Music, food, stalls, sunshine (hopefully) and your two favourite guitarists ;D


A Song About Virginia Woolf

Kat likes to write about things she likes, and one of those things is Virginia Woolf! Ever since reading “Orlando” she’s been a little bit obsessed and that eventually gave birth to this track.

Fun fact! This is the third version of this song  Originally it was a musical challenge to write a 3 chord punk song. Then it became a fast, furious and heavy, metal track with our previous band; and now it’s become this chilled acoustic summer track. It’s amazing how you can re-invent things.

This track always goes down well live and has a proper singalong chorus, which is unusual for us

We hope you enjoy it and if you do like Virginia Woolf let us know why in the comments!

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P.s there are two absolutely hilarious moments in this video, just sayin…..

This Is How We Stop The War

There’s so much to say about this from soo many different perspectives but let’s start with number one!

1. Kieren was gifted a two-stringed cigar box guitar, and knew straight away we were going to make some kind of track with it. This is that track! Percussion, bass and lead lines all from this box.

2. Apparently, we wrote a protest song, which wasn’t the intention when we started jamming with it, but you know.. these things happen.

3. It turned into some weird orchestral production behemoth where adding reversed, reverbed trumpets seemed like the only logical option.

4. Originally this was called “This Is How The War Starts” and that got turned around into something more positive by two people – Amanda Palmer and Damian Keyes – Musician & Band Advice. We started this track around the time Trump got elected and social media was having a meltdown, I remember seeing a post from AP about “this being the time to make positive art” and I kind of took that to heart. On the same day DK posted a video about Trump and it reflecting badly on bands social media pages and I decided then this was going to be a positive song.

5. We wanted to make something awesome with this in both the audio and visual spectra and we hope we have done that. Soo many hours this week have been poured into this piece so we really hope you like it!

If you could see your way to sharing, commenting, sending this to friends that would be awesome of you, and as always the obligatory plug of our YouTube – http://youtube.com/boxtaperocksyou if you wanted to subscribe.

(Video filmed at Devil’s Dyke, Brighton. Recording, editing, production, and everything video-y by Boxtape with some help from Sarah-Kye Faulkner)

Thanks guys,


Oh The Weekend Of A Band

This weekend has been pretty busy for us, Saturday we filmed a new music video on top of Devil’s Dyke which was beyond beautiful! We got so lucky with the sunset, the mist, the colours, honestly, some of the footage we have is just gorgeous.

Sunday we played a gig at The Cowley in Brighton for Paul Stapleton as part of a folk/punk weekender and it was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon. It was like playing a gig in your friends living room, completely chilled, intimate and we met some awesome peeps!

Thanks to Paul for putting us on, and thanks to Sarah-Kye Faulkner for the behind the scenes photos, roadie duties, additional cameraman and general band helper outer, you’re awesome

See you guys soon,


Gaga For Million Reasons….

Hey Everyone,

How are you all doing? Here’s some music for you for your Friday night experience

We thought it was about time for another cover so this is our version of Lady Gaga’s Million Reasons, using only an electric guitar and a Cajon, we’re pretty happy with how this turned out!

Having only known this song for 6 days (we picked and started learning it on Sat evening) this has been a lot of intensive hard work, filming late at night and extended sessions of mixing/editing to get it done in under a week so we could bring it to you today

We really hope you like it! As always comments are appreciated and if you could subscribe to our YouTube http://youtube.com/boxtaperocksyou that would be marvelous!

Much love


Boxtape + Dubstep = Awesome!

Something a little different but also a bit special to present to you now, our first collaboration!

Shortly after we released Fancy Objects in December, a producer (who Kat met at a networking night) got in contact and really wanted to make a remix of the track, so we said hell yeah!

Go give @avarionuk some love if you’re into electronic music, what he has done with Fancy Objects is very cool, slightly ridiculous, but very cool all the same.

We really like it and there are vague plans to shoot a music video for this at some point, but for now please enjoy Fancy Objects / Fancy Talk by Boxtape & Avarion