Sounds 4 Hounds

Coming up quick is our last gig of the year (unless we get offered something we can’t refuse) Sounds 4 Hounds festival in Chatham! We were so pleased to be asked to play as it’s to raise funds for retired racing greyhounds and to help them find homes.

We’re also doubly pleased as they have picked us as headliners for the Chatham event, omg so cool and scary! It’s donation entry and everything goes to the charity so if you are near Chatham on Sept 23rd please drop by and enjoy some excellent music.


Season 2 Is Go!

It’s a Bank Holiday Bonanza here as we’ve just launched Season Two of our Youtube series! Oh yeah ;D
Tune in to find out what’s new, what’s coming up and chill with us for the next 4 minutes.

It’s good to be back!


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Strategy Day


No video this week due to us having a little break and prepping for season 2! Thanks so much to everyone who has given us feedback so far, it’s been really helpful and interesting, if you do have any ideas there’s still time to send them our way.

This week we spent a whole day strategizing over every aspect of Boxtape, to see how we can improve things and just generally become better musicians and creators.

There are a few things we want to change but our core Youtube content will be staying the same and obviously, the music will still be awesome!

We did film a little rundown/preview of our ideas so we may release that soon. Some changes are ongoing, some immediate and some won’t be relevant for a while, but we’re working on the immediate stuff immediately  so we can bring you season 2 ASAP.

Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you soon!


Season 1 is Finished!

Hi, everyone!

What’s all this about seasons? Well, we wanted to see how we can mix things up. So we’re taking some time to think about how things could be awesomer for you, put some new plans in place and have fun making music and videos moving forward. And, some TIPS! While we’re not superpowered YouTube experts, we wanted to take the opportunity to share a few things that we’ve learned that might be interesting or come in handy to anyone else trying the same thing! Because we love you!

You, dear friend, are a part of our inner circle. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video, and we hope you’ve enjoyed clicking around FB/YouTube a bit and watching some of our videos. There’s more to come – and if you want to help us out by telling us what you’ve enjoyed the most, please leave a comment.


We’ve got gigs!

We’ve had a couple of months off gigging but we’re going to have a busy summer!

New updated flyer and full list of current dates below

28/4 – The New Moon, Crawley
12/5 – Dart Music Festival, Dartmouth
13/5 – Dart Music Festival, Dartmouth
23/5 – Maxims, Eastbourne
28/5 – Cowley Club, Brighton
09/6 – Hope & Ruin, Brighton
08/7 – Bevfest, Brighton
21-28/7 – AEFES Festival, Bodium
23/9 – Sounds 4 Hounds Festival, Chatham

If you live anywhere near these events we’d love to see you. We’re going to be debuting a lot of new songs (especially at Dart) so it would be great to have you there!


Bright Lights, Bright Lights!

It’s a new year and while we’ve been looking at things to improve in 2017 we thought some kick ass photos might be in order!

So yesterday we had a big ole photo shoot in our hometown of Horsham. We’ve been working with the very talented Rosie Powell and the idea and cornerstone of this shoot was “quirky”.

We had lots of different set ups and costume changes, including being outside in literal freezing cold temperatures wearing very thin t-shirts. We can’t wait to see the finished pics, but for now here’s some behind the scenes shots of us being silly.

Special thanks goes out to Sussex Lighting (UK) Ltd for being very gracious hosts and giving us free reign in the shop, cheers guys!

Also thanks to Sarah-Kye Faulkner for the pics and make-up on the day, you rock!


An Interesting Week

Hello everyone,

A new update vlog for you all.

In this video we chat about our interesting week – our big plans for video content, how we’re going to mix things up with our style, ask about what you’d like to see for merch, and Kieren is attacked by a bitey floof.

We really would love to hear what you think, please get in touch via our Facebook, youtube comments or just drop us an email to and we’ll get chatting!