Carl Weathers is The Greatest!

The Apollo obsession continues! Now for a story….

A couple of days ago I scoured Facebook to find a Carl Weathers page or Apollo Creed group or something official that I could send “The Greatest” to. I didn’t really turn up much, just a couple of defunct pages

So I decided to try Twitter and found that Mr Carl Weathers not only had a profile but was also very active on it too.

Mainly I just wanted him to see the video, even if he ignored it I just wanted there to be a chance that he had seen it. This morning I tweeted him the video for The Greatest…

He was very lovely and not only replied to our tweet but also re-tweeted the video on his page!

We’re taking this as official that Boxtape is now endorsed by Apollo Creed; that statement is awesome!

Today has been a good day!