Bright Lights, Bright Lights!

It’s a new year and while we’ve been looking at things to improve in 2017 we thought some kick ass photos might be in order!

So yesterday we had a big ole photo shoot in our hometown of Horsham. We’ve been working with the very talented Rosie Powell and the idea and cornerstone of this shoot was “quirky”.

We had lots of different set ups and costume changes, including being outside in literal freezing cold temperatures wearing very thin t-shirts. We can’t wait to see the finished pics, but for now here’s some behind the scenes shots of us being silly.

Special thanks goes out to Sussex Lighting (UK) Ltd for being very gracious hosts and giving us free reign in the shop, cheers guys!

Also thanks to Sarah-Kye FaulknerĀ for the pics and make-up on the day, you rock!